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Sep 16, 2022

What's in a sequel? What makes a good sequel? Better game play? Better story? Enhanced features? We discuss whether Cave Digger 2 is a good sequel, we talk Firewall Ultra and if PlayPSVR2 is a fitting sequel to PlayPSVR

Sep 11, 2022

Get that wax out of your dumbo sized ears cause WE'RE BACK!  Adam and Alex are coming in hot with recent news, game reviews and what to expect for the future of PlayPSVR.  

May 24, 2021

Alex and Adam and MayDays.  

Get some news in there, too.

Apr 26, 2021

Alex and Adam combined forces to cover ALTDEUS, Nier Reincarnation, and Alvo on this double-dip of PlayStation goodness.

Maydays is coming...

Mar 28, 2021

Jaybratt joins the PlayPSVR crew to talk about DOOM3, PSVR2 and takes both Alex and Adam on his own master debators!  The question is......will a barf bean in his future?